Other products

In addition to producing and delivering quality monitors and cameras, we also offer a complete range of high-quality specialist accessories. For example, we support a range of supports such as window supports with suction cup, dashboard brackets and brackets for dual DIN monitors. Furthermore, we have a wide range of cabling that’s available in multiple lengths. To connect our systems to other brands, such as Brigade or Orlaco, we have a wide range of connector cables available. For tractors / trailers we have several single or double trailer cables available. Finally, we provide the latest digital wireless systems which can send the images, interference-free, within 200 milliseconds.

VZ-S003 Window bracket

  • Window support bracket for all Pro monitors

VZ-V201 Radar system

  • Radar system to detect objects behind the vehicle

VZ-V301 Acoustic alarm

  • Sound alarm when reversed

VZ-V401 Speedswitch

  • Speed switch to automatically turn on the (front view) camera.


  • Suited for all our monitors and camera's
  • Connection: 4p VZ screw connector
  • 5-10-15-20-30 meter

VZ-V101 Wireless Transmitters

  • Enables wireless connection between camera and monitor.

Converter cable 4P Mini Din

  • 4Pin VZ Screw connector - male
  • 4p mini-DIN - male