Camera systems for transport and logistics

More visibility, more security, less damage, less downtime, and meet the regulatory requirements as well. Briefly, what vision solutions can do for your industry. Heavier(urban) traffic creates greater security risks. Van Zwitserland camera systems provide a better overview and a faster, safer and more efficient operation. In addition, they meet any statutory requirements and regulations.

Van Zwitserland provides a range of reversing cameras, dead angle cameras and front view cameras for day and night. For almost every truck-tractor-trailer or commercial vehicle is a suitable system available. By placing of colour monitors in several possible sizes the driver can assess the situation around the vehicle at a glance.

Installation and assembly of reversing cameras on van and truck

Van Zwitserland BV has a professional installation team with qualified and certified field engineers. We have multiple installation locations nationwide and we have access to a flexible team of mechanics that can install in virtually any location in the Benelux as well. Flexibility is a key concept in our organization and we fully understand that downtime costs money. Therefore together with our clients we search for the most appropriate assembly day. More information can be found at Full Service.

Contact – Van Zwitserland will help you safely on your way.

We have the solution for you! Please contact Van Zwitserland via the contact form or by simply calling 015-21 25 111. Together with you one of our employees will look into what the best solutions are for your machine.

Purchase direct

If you don’t need advice from one of our staff members and / or you have the knowledge and manpower for the installation. Then we recommend the VZ 207W Pro Reversing Camera Set for your van or truck, that you can order easily direct online.