Safe Aid with a rear-view camera or a complete camera system in emergency vehicles

Emergencies require the best working conditions when every second counts. Good visibility is necessary to avoid delay and damage to other vehicles and emergency vehicles. And sometimes good visibility is literally a matter of life and dead.

Proper aid is a combination of speed and skill. Technology plays an increasing role in this. Van Zwitserland vision systems make the most difficult corners of specialist emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks or police cars visible. In situations where shock and vibration resistance are of the utmost importance, the camera systems of Van Zwitserland will provide a continuous sharp and clear image. During the night hours, the cameras will always see more than the naked eye.

Events and visibility – van Zwitserland reversing camera

Driving a vehicle in a crowd when every second counts. No one can argue that this is not an easy job. Rear view camera systems are the solution for manoeuvring in areas where reaction speed is important and space is scarce. Van Zwitserland BV, the partner for an extra eye.


For many years we work closely with various coachbuilders. Simply contact us to find out what we can do for you. References are of course available.

Installation and assembly of reversing camera systems

Van Zwitserland has a professional and dedicated team with accredited and certified field engineers. We have multiple installation locations nationwide and we have access to a flexible team of mechanics that can install visibility systems in emergency vehicles in virtually any location in the Benelux as well. Flexibility is a key concept in our organization and we fully understand that downtime costs money. Therefore together with our clients we search for the most appropriate assembly day.


Please contact Van Zwitserland via the contact form or by simply calling 015-2125111. One of our colleagues will look with you into the best possible solution.

Purchase direct a Reverse / blind spot camera system

If you don’t need advice from one of our staff members and / or you have the knowledge and manpower for the installation. Then we recommend the VZ 207W Pro Rear-view camera Set, which you can order simply direct online.